Adelaide’s Preferred House Painters

As much as we enjoy our homes, age can take its toll, and with our busy lives we often fall short on the appropriate upkeep required. At Precise Painting Services, we are here so you don’t lose value on your home when it’s time to sell, or to help in re-establishing the look that made you fall in love with your home in the first place. 

Interior renovation by skilled house painters

Thinking about selling? Want to brighten up your home? The wonders that can be achieved with a series of coats applied by professional house painters is astonishing. Nothing lasts forever, and after living in a home for a long time the magic that once radiated from the walls when you first moved fades, providing limited joy to your family and future families that might want to move in after you. By calling Precise Painting Services, hundreds of home owners across Glenelg, West Lakes and surrounding Adelaide suburbs have added thousands of dollars in value to their homes by allowing our house painters to restore that shine to their walls. We offer a comprehensive service, expertly filling and repairing cracks in plaster, treating woodwork, and providing invaluable advice on colour schemes and design, all with the backing of over twenty-five years’ experience. 

House painters for your exterior

When talking to customers looking to sell, we remind them that as important as the inside of the house is, unfortunately, home buyers will still judge a book by its cover, and if the outside of a house is in poor condition, they will have decided against buying your house before even walking into the door. Many people don’t even know where to begin on their home’s exteriors. At Precise Painting Services, our house painters are committed to showing you how it’s done. They will provide similar repairs in order to optimise paint application, including plaster and window repairs, and continue to utilise environmentally friendly paint that provides long lasting protection in Australia’s harshest weather treatments.

Add style and value to your home in Glenelg, West Lakes or a wider Adelaide by contacting our house painters, today. If you require more information regarding our other services, including commercial painters, you can speak with our helpful staff by calling 0414 812 391, emailing at, or by leaving your details on our easy to complete contact form.